About our Courses

Onsite Courses

Looking for ways to save training and travel dollars? Take advantage of the cost-effective convenience of on-site training to get your team the training they need without requiring them to sacrifice project schedules or incur travel time and expense. Our on-site training offers many benefits:

  • Savings
    Bring team training to your location to save time and money
  • Manageable workloads
    Schedule training around your projects, not the other way around
  • Customizable content
    Offer your team a training curriculum that adheres to your corporate goals, technology environment, and business needs
  • Consulting services
    Learn from instructors who are world-class consultants with exceptional qualifications and a broad range of real-world experience; augment your training programs with Tezza Business Solutions’ Training’s consulting services
  • Small groups
    Benefit from focused training that offers your team members individual attention with plenty of time for questions. Class sizes can range from 6–25 people
  • Employee development
    Develop the talent already on your team, increase employee satisfaction—and save company dollars
    If you have six or more people to train, consider the advantages of on-site instruction
Public Courses

Open to the general public, these courses offer the most extensive learning experience by bringing together delegates from all industry sectors who each tend to approach testing in a different way. Our public courses are suited to small test teams who can’t all be off project at once and contractors looking to up-skill between roles.
Click to Download a full list of our training courses. Each of these are delivered as an onsite or public course.

E-learning Courses

Our e-learning courses provide an opportunity for those who are busy and not able to attend regular classes . The e-learning is license is provided for an entire period and is inclusive of the examination certification. Please ask one of our Account Executives of a comprehensive list of our e-learning courses.