IV&V – Independent Verification & Validation

How does your organization mitigate against project related risks? We consider the independent verification and validation of systems and software development efforts as a key risk management strategy that every serious organization must consider and employ with every project implementation. The primary objective of an IV&V engagement is to provide an objective assessment of products and processes throughout the project life-cycle. In addition, IV&V will facilitate early detection and correction of errors, enhance management insight into risks and ensure compliance with project performance, schedule, and budget requirements.

Industry practice shows that a disciplined approach to project, program and portfolio management increases benefits realized by businesses from their investment in information technology assets and resources. Our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services will provide assurance of project success within your organization. We accomplish this in two major ways:

• By communicating and educating your project management team on industry best practices for specific undertakings, and
• By providing an escalation path for issues and inhibitors to your project’s success.

Serving as subject matter experts in all of the core areas of a software development life cycle, we are able to help your organization assess your projects for risks related to your project scope, requirements, schedule, budget, resources and overall performance. By engaging us at the early phases of your projects, our services allow you to concentrate on your core competencies thereby ensuring that your productivity and profitability are not impacted as a result of new initiatives.

To be successful, your organization’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) activities must be performed by an entity that is not under the control of the organization that is developing your software. We advocate that IV&V services must be provided, managed and financed by organizations that are technically and financially independent of the development project. Technical independence requires that the IV&V does not use personnel who are involved in the development effort. Managerial independence requires that the IV&V effort be vested in an organization separate from the development and program management organizations.

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