Test Accelerator for Finacle Core Banking Application

Do you struggle with allocating enough resources to properly test your core banking application? Are you concerned about making application changes or fixes without thoroughly testing them first? Is it difficult for you to get testing for your changes scheduled? When you test, do you need help from end users, removing them from their regular jobs where they are needed most? Do you find that you are testing with only one or two sets of test data, as opposed to the many different types of data that will be used in production?
Core Banking Applications Testing Challenges
1. Change is Constant
Core Banking applications are in a constant state of change; (fixes, patches, upgrades etc.)
2. Business Process Complexity
Validating a single business process requires testing numerous data scenarios (approvals, routing, authorizations, contracts, currency, etc.)
3. Highly Customized Heterogeneous Environments
End-to-end business processes typically span multiple technologies and applications that can include internet banking, mobile banking, ATM interfaces.
4. Banks that embark on accelerating testing via test automation often encounter poor test automation frameworks, high cost of tool licenses, lack of skilled test automation resources and high costs of maintaining test automation scripts.

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, and you face any of the testing challenges highlighted above, then the Tezza Accelerators for Finacle Core Banking Application may be your answer.
The Accelerator for Finacle core banking applications lets you quickly and cost-effectively implement comprehensive automated functional testing for your core banking application.
Built on the power of the Selenium test automation tool, the accelerator helps you put in place fully automated testing with business priorities in mind.
The Accelerator includes fully automated test cases and a test data system all designed to be business-centric and extensible for your unique core banking application environment. In addition to leveraging pre- built tests, business analysts and subject matter experts can also create and maintain custom test cases and integration tests.
The result? The ability to implement and utilize comprehensive automated testing faster and more cost-effectively than is possible with traditional testing tools, easily managed by the same people your company already has in-house today.
With the Accelerator, not only can you achieve a large coverage of your Finacle functionality for even the smallest of changes, but you can also roll out Critical Updates and new application functionality faster than ever before, thanks to the speed of the Accelerator automated testing. And because existing, non-technical staff can maintain your automated test assets with very little effort, you can leverage your regression tests for years to come.
Maintaining individual and end-to-end tests in the Accelerator is straight-forward and streamlined. The Accelerator’s keyword-driven architecture allows you to easily maintain and modify test cases without the complex programming languages of common test automation tools. When a change occurs, any difference at the application form level is saved. Once saved, the Accelerator populates the changes to all test cases touching the updated forms automatically. The Accelerator can then quickly verify that your core banking application is fully ready for production use.

Tezza Business Solutions has developed comprehensive test accelerators for the InfoSys Finacle application. Key highlights of the process include:
• Technology agnostic test automation framework which supports leading commercial tools
• ‘ready to use’ test cases which are fully automated
• End to end business scenarios across Finacle modules
Customer Benefits:
• Pre-built Test Case Suite for out-of-the box functionality reduces effort on Test Automation
• Over 30% reduction in Test Automation cost via pre-built components for Finacle
• Over 40% increase in Finacle test coverage via pre-built test suites

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