Software Development

Tezza drives your business application development. We can expand and shrink according to your needs. Tezza provides end-to-end development that includes blue printing and requirement gathering and goes all the way to documentation and deployment. Our expertise in custom development can extend the technology to meet the demands of your business. Whether you’re looking to maximize productivity, securely integrate data sources or create a better user experience, our development solutions will get you there.

Some of what we did in the past with recognized success are:
• Business Intelligence & performance management
• Information asset management systems
• Enterprise content management
• Metadata management systems
• Enterprise search and discovery systems
• Information strategy, architecture and governance

Web development

We are dedicated mainly to the areas of web design and graphic design, creating static and dynamic websites, website maintenance, web applications.
Our concern is to satisfy all our customers through professionalism and dedication to each project. We understand that the customer is always our priority.

Tezza help’s you with:

• Plan
• Design
• QA
• Build

Any web application, back-end services or integration for web applications. Our clients benefit an unique direct to the point approach with lower upfront investments, quicker time to market and easy to manage implementation. Tezza can you your company with:

• Responsive web design
• Retail Portals
• Web stores
• Booking Portals
• Specific web applications and web services.

Mobile Development

Mobile presence is the new barrier to entry in many industries, an absolute necessity if you want to keep up. We work with you to create a mobile solution and mobile strategy that works best for you and your business. Our goal is the same as yours: to develop the strongest, most affordable solution to strengthen your brand message and provide a direct connection to your customers no matter where they are.

To get to know your company and provide the best solution, our strategy begins with the discovery process. We researching your target audience and review your current visitor patterns. This initial step provides us the information we need to determine the nest options for your new app.

Tezza help’s you with:

• Plan
• Design
• QA
• Build

Any app, back-end services or integration for mobile applications. Our clients benefit an unique direct to the point approach with lower upfront investments, quicker time to market and easy to manage implementation. Tezza can you your company with:

• Mobility application development
• Mobile application analytics and reporting
• Mobile design (UI and UX)


Tezza is your long-term partnership solution! At Tezza we strive to provide comprehensive and strategic IT solutions that are designed for you and with you. Tezza’s philosophy is to work together with your team, close to your targets and aligned with your goals. Our technology consultants use their unique set of business and technology experience to solve complex IT challenges.

Located onshore or offshore, our consultants are available around the clock to offer domain knowledge across a wide range of industries. We customize our solutions to your meet your specific needs and to ensure shared success for the short term and over time. Fully utilizing current technologies and adopting a strategic approach to networking, collaboration and line of business growth are important to our clients. Leverage as your partner drives this objective.

Leverage IT identifies problem areas and deploys solutions that enhance productivity and, subsequently, profitability. We provide:

• Architecture and Integration Services
• Advisory Services
• Governance
• Solutions delivery
• Technology assessments


Educating your staff is like reinvesting in stock that always has good dividends. If you want a successful business, a loyal team and if you want to save time, effort and money, then invest in educating your employees.

The software world is constantly changing and these changes have huge impacts on your software deliverables. Customers are demanding more versatile, easy-to-use, quality software. How do you keep your testers, project managers, developers etc. on top of the game? They need to constantly update their testing skills or they will be left behind.
Our training services include:

• Transfer of knowledge to software professionals and managers so that they gain thorough knowledge of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software life cycle.
• Through hands-on exercises, your staff will learn how to build testing methods into their work processes to correctly design products that are functional and maintainable.

We’re passionate about development, let us transfer our knowledge to your staff; it will help your business grow and continue to succeed, even in an ever-changing environment.

Staff Augmentation & Outsourcing

You do not need to struggle to find, train and retain the right software development skill. Our staff augmentation program is a perfect way for you to acquire short or long term skilled software development resources. It’s a low-risk, flexible and easy solution that will allow you to scale your resources needs when and where you need them.

We will provide you with qualified, highly skilled resources with the appropriate experience to help you meet your development needs. Our Staff Augmentation service enables you to scale up or down as necessary without increasing cost or the time to market of your software applications. We guarantee that our services will save you both time and money, eliminate time to hire skilled personnel; your cost savings can be diverted to train, retain and meet staff overhead costs.

In addition to handling all your development needs, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your core business, we provide our clients with the following Staff Augmentation options:

• Onsite client-managed team – for organizations with mature software development practices. Our resources augment with your existing development structure and are managed by your DEV leadership.
• Onsite Managed Team – our resources are managed by our DEV managers. This is an ideal staffing option for IT organizations without a Software DEV department.
• Co-sourcing team – this option is flexible to adapt to different client needs. Under this model, we can augment your test team onsite or off-shore.

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